The Armory Show 2016


MARCH 3-6, 2016

From March 3 to 6, 2016, Omenka Gallery will present recent work by fast-rising contemporary artist Nengi Omuku at the 2016 edition of The Armory Show’s regional focus section titled: Focus: African Perspectives—Global Contemporaries.

Omuku’s work functions as a metaphor alluding to wider themes of difference, understanding and mutual belonging. Through colour, she explores the supposition that the human figure can be transformed based on the premise that things could not only look but also be otherwise. The release from the physical form has led her into a new territory, a moment-by-moment expression of beings that have been transformed from their present reality and reanimated through colour and marks.

It is her desire to convey portraits: presences floating through active spaces, presences that have the aspiration of becoming events in their own right. She also frequently explores the encounter – what happens when different forms meet. Another element of her work is the scape, in particular, the escape the bodies inhabit.

Nengi Omuku’s collection consists of stunning imagery; iridescent landscapes bathed with light from half-hidden globes, and populated by clouds and waterfalls; fantastical formations peopled with hybrid beings and floating organic bodies; imaginary vistas of intergalactic fields; and emerging cloud formations.

A close examination shows Omuku’s transiting clouds and waterfalls are representative of different physical states in the process of energy conversion. Consequently, we gain valuable insight into Omuku’s oeuvre, largely a series of self-portraits that document her strongly personal journey or escape across several energy levels as various expressions, bounded only by the law of energy conservation.

Selected solo and group exhibitions include A State of Mind at Omenka Gallery (2015) To Figure 
an Encounter, Open the Gate (2011) and Deep Cuts, Last Measures (2011) both at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in London. She lives and works in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Established in 1994 and held annually on Piers 92 & 94, The Armory Show is New York’s premier international art fair, showcasing over 200 galleries from around the world. The Armory Focus: African Perspectives – Spotlighting Artistic Practices of Global Contemporaries is curated by Julia Grosse and Yvette Mutumba, founders of Contemporary And, an online platform for international art from African perspectives.  Moving beyond conventional ideas of the African continent and its “counterpart,” “the Western hemisphere,” this year’s Focus will provide a glimpse of international artistic production from contemporary African viewpoints: emerging curators, artists, galleries and art spaces that connect scenes and markets through global networks. From Lagos to London to Luanda – and presented together for the first time in one location. It will also examine the artistic developments and manifold narratives arising from African and African Diasporic artists, emphasizing geographic fluidity and global connections.

For enquiries please call 2349090846991 or contact us at info@gallery.omenka.net.

High-resolution images and more information on the artist are available on request.

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