Power & Powers


NOVEMBER 8-22, 2014

From November 8-22, Omenka Gallery will present Power and Powers, an exhibition of recent photographs by leading contemporary Nigerian artist, Uche James-Iroha. Supported by Nikon, the exhibition calls for self-examination and invites the audience to an introspective of 54 years of epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

According to the artist, “These are images that explore the dark and unprogressive romance between political power and electrical power distribution in Nigeria. By far the most populous nation in the continent with vast human and material resources and enormous potential, electricity is still a big issue. Marred by erratic power supply, the nation is caught in the web of deceit where political office seekers clearly use the promise of ‘light’ as the most effective bait. It is interesting to know that tons of white elephant projects which include a cashless economic system and automated rail transport, are in the works gulping mammoth budgets and will all depend on an efficient electrical supply system.”

Oliver Enwonwu, curator of the exhibition and Director of Omenka Gallery also observes, “The works are largely a critique of corrupt leadership that proffers cosmetic solutions to the persistent issue of electric power supply and serve as a springboard for confronting issues that continue to face Nigerians today. Perhaps, no singular contemporary Nigerian artist has created a singular body of work that mounts a sustained challenge on such an important issue.”

All images in Power and Powers were shot exclusively with a Nikon camera.

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High-resolution images and more information on the artist are available on request.

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