Nathalie Mba Bikoro

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro was born in France but spent the early part of her childhood in her father’s native country of Gabon. Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates a synthesis of collaborative engagements, international community dialogue, body politics and development across continents through a merging of creative practices in live art performance, sound and vocal art, film, literature and museum archives, body art, print, installation and mixed visual media. Her practice has its roots in her development of a creative language in the course of her battle with childhood leukemia throughout the 90’s.

Her critical creative practice is informed by discourses of histories, archives and theories on post colonialism, diaspora, migration, identities, afro and alter modernism and culture. Her work reveals and creates moments of synthesis and harmony between seemingly disparate, bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions and value systems. An exploration of creolized identity, heritage, memory and homeland, the artist investigates colonial past, tyranny, dictates of gender, traditions and mythologies.

Her work is often aesthetically beautiful but always intensely conceptual and engages with communities contesting handcrafted economies of art, politics, literature, ecologies and philosophy, combining alternative strategies in performance and practice to deconstruct social narratives and work on processes and engagement rather than final products.

With her approach both educative and allegorical, Nathalie Mba Bikoro explores the difference between delusions and rituals where self-accomplishment depends on the ability to choose. She has been described as a Neo-Griot for infinite times and spaces.

Without exception Bikoro’s work references Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice in Wonderland. Bikoro uses the structure of the work and the character of Alice for her universal explorations in to the human condition.

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