Loop 2014


JUNE 5-7, 2014


From June 5-7, Omenka presented AfroOdyssey IV, 100 Years Later by Nigerian contemporary artist, Adejoke Tugbiyele.

According to the artist, AfroOdyssey IV embodies the themes of resistance, movement, dignity and humanity among queer people in Nigeria. The fight for human rights in Nigeria, by those who identify as homosexual is also akin to spiritual warfare. Indeed, we find that many of the churches being built in Nigeria today still preach the same dogmatic sermons that were delivered from the pulpit in the 1700s. AfroOdyssey IV asks the audience this important question – although times have drastically changed, have human beings truly changed? The answer is – in some places, yes but in other places, no.

Nigeria still has a long way to go in shedding the colonial baggage and its inheritance of anti-sodomy laws created during the amalgamation by the British in 1914, exactly one hundred years ago. It is for this reason, that AfroOdyssey IV is subtitled 100 Years Later.

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